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The Giants Need Some Spring in Their Bats

Marco Scutaro

The regular season is only a week old, yet already spring training seems like a distant memory.

Ah, the good old days. Remember? When the two Brandons were hitting over .400?

Those days have disappeared into the mists of time. Now that games actually matter, Brandon Crawford is hitting .200, with 4 hits in 20 at bats. Brandon Belt is hitting .071, with just 1 hit in 14 at bats.

Brandon Belt, who was born with a slugger’s name, is hitting below .100.

To be fair to Belt, he’s coming off an ailment that sucker-punched him prior to opening day and forced him to sit out the first three games. Since returning to the lineup, he has hit some balls hard that, unfortunately, found their way into opponents’ gloves.

But what happened to Crawford’s bat? Crawford has struck out six times in six games. That’s already half the number of strikeouts he had through all of spring training.

And what about Buster Posey? He’s matching Crawford, hitting .200 with 4 hits in 20 at bats.

Isn’t that like showing up to a party wearing the same dress as someone else?

Posey’s numbers are all the more troubling because, well, he’s Buster Posey. The 2012 MVP. Posey had an uninspiring spring as well. At one point, he was hitting .235. His bat came alive toward the end of spring training, bringing his average up to .294. Now it’s quiet again. He has yet to hit a single home run in the regular season.

Most troubling of all, however, is Marco Scutaro. Scutaro’s numbers were lousy during spring training and are abysmal in the regular season. In spring training, he hit .227, with 10 hits in 44 at bats. Those look like power numbers compared to what he’s doing in the regular season, where he’s hitting .087, with 2 hits in 23 at bats.

You read that right, .087. With no RBIs. Last year’s clutch hitter, whom you could almost always count on with runners in scoring position, has no RBIs in six games.

The regular season numbers are also poor for Gregor Blanco, Hector Sanchez, and Andres Torres.

As a team, the Giants are hitting .224 in the regular season. They’ve scored a total of 15 runs in 6 games, only 1 run more than the Cardinals scored last night alone.

The bright spots in the lineup are Angel Pagan, hitting .333, Pablo Sandoval, hitting .318, and Hunter Pence, hitting .286. Sandoval and Pence each have two home runs.

I know. It’s early. And even hot bats couldn’t have overcome last night’s 14-3 drubbing by the Cardinals. But Matt Cain’s spooky unraveling after three perfect innings can at least be attributed, in part, to the break in routine caused by the World Series ring extravaganza (the other part would be that the Cardinals are damn fine hitters).

The Giants’ bats went AWOL before any banners were flown, MVPs awarded, or rings handed out.

Here’s hoping they find them, and soon.